Happy Easter

17 Apr 2019, 4 p.m.



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Service of Healing & Wholeness

Service of Healing & Wholeness

21st January 2020 - 11:00a.m. to 12:30p.m.

We hold a regular service of healing and wholeness.

An Easter Message From the Director of Acorn

Easter is the consummate story of the triumph of life over death, of resurrection triumphing over the grave, and that coming to the Cross is the path to life, despite what it might look like in the short term. I cannot express fully how grateful I am, indeed, we all are at Acorn Christian Healing Foundation, for your support over these last few months.

As we journey through Easter Week, I am aware how for us and many, recent months have felt like a dying. Much of what we have known in the past of Acorn’s ministry has been associated with a particular place and a particular way of being. And now, it seems we have lost that familiar ‘friend’ and we are facing a new and not fully clear future. I can only imagine what went through the disciple’s minds on Easter Saturday. Part of Acorn’s Grief and Loss course explores some of this, but of course they lived it in real time, whilst we have the benefit of knowing how the story ends. Despite Jesus’ repeated warnings and instructions, they had to live in the ‘valley of the shadow’ over that Easter weekend. Yet, as we know, a resurrection was coming - The Resurrection was only a day or so away.

Over the last 6 months, we have died to one way of being Acorn, as we also begin to emerge to a new way of being - perhaps even a ‘resurrected way of being’. There is much that we can look forward to, and just like the disciples it takes some explaining and some believing. New partnerships have emerged, and it seems that with the news that Acorn is not locked into one place, opportunities for ministry and training in new locations are coming in. Added to that, over the last few weeks at the School of Healing and at the relocation of Tuesday's Healing Service, we have seen some healings taking place which truly say ‘God is in the House’ - you cannot keep the news of Jesus among his people, hidden.

All this is possible because you, also, have stood with us as we have faced key decisions and have taken steps of faith. Today there are people living a new life because we all held on through our own dying and resurrection. I am not able to thank you enough, but I know that God sees every grace given, and makes the giver richer in heart and life.

All that remains is for me to wish you a very Happy and Blessed Easter.


Wes Sutton

Director - Acorn Christian Foundation