March Newsletter 2019

21 Mar 2019, 12:59 p.m.



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Service of Healing & Wholeness

Service of Healing & Wholeness

21st January 2020 - 11:00a.m. to 12:30p.m.

We hold a regular service of healing and wholeness.

I am so grateful for your ongoing prayers and support for Acorn. We are in such an exciting, if not challenging, season and I have wondered on occasion what Bishop Morris and Anne would have made of it. I am trusting that they would be cheering us on as we take Acorn into a deeper understanding of God’s purpose for us. as well as new and fresh areas of ministry and opportunity.

The planned move from Whitehill Chase is a bittersweet journey for us. We are having to let go of much that has been our traditional environment of ‘being' Acorn, but at the same time taking hold of moments of God’s favour towards us. The Tuesday Service of Prayer for Healing has bedded well into St Alban’s Church in Hindhead, just around 15 minutes from Bordon, and the reception we have had from the church and its leadership team has been deeply overwhelming - a true partnership has begun.

We are also thrilled at the opportunity to hold the monthly School of Healing at Guildford Cathedral (in the Lady Chapel) with people travelling from London and further afield to be with us, due to easy access from the train station. We are establishing a partnership with All Nations College in Ware to run some of our training and ministry events there, as well as partnerships with The Greenhouse in Poole, the Foxhill Centre in Chester, and churches in the South West and in Essex. Our goal is quite simply to place Acorn in more accessible places, as you will see from the list of locations where Acorn has just been or will be at in the near future.

Acorn’s Training Manager, Howard Fleming, who I do hope many of you have had the opportunity to meet personally, is among other things working on how Acorn’s training programme can be accessed online and also how people could access the Tuesday Healing Service in the same way. You can keep up to date with information about all of this, and events coming near to you, by checking out the Acorn website

Acorn is also working with churches to help them find peace and healing through Transforming Situations of Conflict. Members of the Acorn team have just completed a major project in an Anglican diocese, as well as starting to work with a Baptist Church and provide training for the URC. In addition to all this, I am leading a seminar on peacemaking at New Wine this year.

As well as the operational changes Acorn is encountering, we were also sad to announce that our Chaplain, Rev Elizabeth Knifton, has decided the time has come to retire form Acorn, although she will still be taking up some ministry opportunities with us, but on a less regular basis. We are deeply indebted to Elizabeth and indeed, her husband Peter, for all the support, prayer and love that she has so freely given throughout her 14 years with us. Elizabeth’s last Tuesday service will be on the 21st May at St Albans, Hindhead (GU26 6RB), where there will be cake and refreshments after the service. Do come and join us as we wish Elizabeth and Peter, God’s blessing on their future. People have already asked about sharing in a gift for Elizabeth and you can do that by writing a cheque to Acorn Christian Foundation referencing 'EK100' or by BACS transfer - please email for further details. 

We want to honour her for all her ministry over the years.

Finally, please do keep us in your prayers. As with every significant moment of change, there are always things that are unforeseen, and although our goal is greater simplicity to aid accessibility, the steps to get there are not always simple in themselves. There is naturally a cost to moving out and although our operational finances are holding steady, the transition brings additional demands. We do not want to take away from the resources given for the ministry that Acorn provides, to cover the £12,000 that it will take to move out, and move on. We would be immensely grateful for any support towards covering the costs of the transition, and gifts towards this can be earmarked “Exodus” and they will be used specifically for that purpose. Your help would be so appreciated at this significant moment.

Finally, thank you again for all your support. I know that for many it comes at a cost, but it makes providing prayer and ministry for people in great need all the more possible. May God richly bless you, even as you have made others rich through your own generosity and support.

Every blessing,


Since the New Year, we have ran courses in Birmingham, Horsham, Chichester, Aldershot, Macclesfield and Bordon. Over the next few months - we have courses arranged in Bristol, Devon, Sheffield, Beaconsfield, Wigan, Bracknell, Luton, Ilkley, Loughborough. We are so enjoying being able to deliver Acorn training and ministry across the country.

Save the Date!

Please join us on 21st May 2019, 11am at St Alban's Church, Hindhead for Elizabeth's last Service of Healing and Wholeness. We will be thanking Elizabeth for her many years of service with Acorn, as well as sharing in fellowship after the service with refreshments. We hope you can join us in thanking Elizabeth!

St Alban's Church, Hindhead - GU26 6RB