Explore our Healing Ministry at Acorn

Safe & Sacred Space – Opportunity to receive prayer and support or quiet retreat

We all know the moments when we just need the world to stop - just so we can get our bearings again. Life becomes 'bitty" and fragmented, and it feels like we are juggling just a few too many balls, or spinning just a plate or two, too many.

Acorn is there especially for those moments.

Set in more than 5 acres of ground there is space to breathe, to sit and reflect and gather up life again into a meaningful whole. Acorn is a safe space to hear afresh the beat of your own heart, to catch again the heartbeat of God and find fuel for your journey. Acorn is a sacred space where God can seem a little more accessible, his voice clearer, and his presence more tangible

Whether on retreat, or just having a quiet day, the team are around to prayerfully support your journey, whether you talk with them or not! You can if it helps, join us as a community in the Daily Office (a cycle of prayer) but whatever you need you can take your visit at your own pace.

If you would like further information or would like to book an individual retreat or stay please contact info@acornchristian.org or call 01420 478121 EX:3

Weekly Healing Service – Tuesdays

At Acorn we have found again and again over the years how the Service of Healing and Holy Communion has proven to be a safe space for guests to be drawn by God into a deeper sense of his presence and grace. With a blend of different styles of worship and liturgy, there is something accessible for all, whether contemplative or exuberant you will find the space and time to be led by the Holy Spirit in your own journey of Healing and Wholeness. Starting at 11:30, with an optional lunch, and the Acorn Prayer Ministry Team available throughout the afternoon for personal prayer, this is an ideal safe and sacred space to experience God's healing love and goodness.

Quiet Days and Ministry Days

A Quiet Day at Acorn is a unique opportunity to be gently supported through your own steps of discovery into God's Healing and Wholeness. Using two Bible meditations, time for quiet reflection or creative expression through art and symbolism, you will be able to have the space to sense God's presence and hear his word. Time is set aside for personal prayer ministry if you wish, and with a delicious lunch as an essential part of the day you will be filled in every sense of the word.

Ministry Days focus on particular issues that impact our lives. A Deeper Healing day looks at the impact that life's wounds leave upon us, and how they shape our behaviours and hopes now, and how we can find healing through Christ's love and mercy.

School of Healing 

Acorn is committed and commissioned to see the church develop in the Healing Ministry of Jesus. Over many years we have developed understanding, a sound theology, and safe practice to support churches seeking to grow a healing ministry.

Held one Saturday morning a month from 10:00 - 1:00 (9:30 for your first coffee!) delegates will learn and experience how to become involved in the healing ministry and how to stay involved. We will focus on developing our sensitivity to the voice of the Holy Spirit and our awareness of how God is at work. There will be worship, before two sessions, giving time for learning, discussion and putting into practice what we have learned, and oh - more coffee!

Upcoming events

upcoming events

Quiet Day - To Be in Your Presence

Quiet Day - To Be in Your Presence

18th October 2018 - 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.

A Quiet Day is an opportunity to come aside and allow God to minister through His Holy Spirit.