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Professional Volunteer Listening Practice (Module 3)

1st - 2nd November 2019

Module 3

event location

St Columba's House, Maybury Hill, Woking, GU22 8AB



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This next step in the listening pathway equips delegates to listening safely in a formal one to one setting. We will consider what is good and safe practice shaped through biblical understanding.

Starting Friday morning and finishing late Saturday afternoon (final timings to be confirmed).

Module 3 prepares people to listen in a formal situation, in a professional, safe way.

Aims of section 1

  • To provide a Biblical understanding for the role of the listener
  • To continue to learn the full mirroring method of listening and practice it
  • To discover and understand the limits of competence in listening and how and when to refer
  • To discover what it means to listen to our whole selves
  • To understand the need for listeners to receive support and supervision
  • To understand the importance of mutual encouragement, prayer and listening to God with a supportive group

Aims of section 2

  • To consider how we can listen well to feelings in others, which helps listening to the whole person
  • To reflect on our own emotional health and increase our awareness of feelings
  • To discuss when it is not appropriate to offer listening – exploring boundaries
  • To practise the full mirroring listening method

Aims of section 3

  • To consider the importance of developing a listening relationship in a formal setting well
  • To continue practising the full mirroring listening method

Attendance of Effective Listening Practice (Module 1) and Applied Listening Practice (Module 2) before this event is essential.

£250.00 - fully residential in single en-suite room