There are many ways of becoming a member of the Acorn Community

It was almost one of the first actions of Jesus as he began his ministry; he gathered a small community together to share life and embody the values and the teaching of His Kingdom.

It was in the context of community that the 12- and yes, even Judas Iscariot - shared the life and message of God's new covenant with humanity; people were healed, released and born into the new reality called the Kingdom of heaven. We are discovering how blessing, healing and the freedom of God's loved is most easily experienced in the context of relationship, and especially so through community.

There are 2 ways of being part of our community:

  • Being a member of our Virtual Community
  • Joining us as part of our live-in team, working with the local community of Bordon and helping our National work (Please see our Appeals page to see how you can help)