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Healing is an invitation to go on a journey into wholeness with God.  Our founder, Morris Maddocks described healing as Jesus meeting someone at their point of need.

Learn about healing

For churches

  • Healing & Wholeness – Help, I think something’s broken

  • Christian Healing Explored

To arrange a course for your church contact us - info@acornchristian.org

For Small Groups - Growing a Healing Ministry

You can also find books on healing in our bookshop.

Experience healing (in Bordon, Hampshire)

services of healing and wholeness on most Tuesdays of the year

Deeper Healing Days provide more time and space to receive prayer

Community Worship with orayer for healing

A safe place to recieve healing

We offer a safe place to find real healing and wholeness that only comes from God.  People from all walks of life come, sometimes considerable distances for our team to listen to them and pray with them.

Trained Prayer Ministry Team

We have a trained team from all denominations who have a wide experience within the healing ministry.  They are available to listen to you and to pray with you if that’s something you would like.  The team are led by our Chaplain, Revd Elizabeth Knifton who is a former hospital chaplain and nurse and advisor on healing to Guildford Diocese.

Professional Volunteer Listeners for the Health Service

Following practical experience of using some of our training with one hospital chaplaincy, we have been undertaking a research project with Leeds University and a major NHS hospital trust to evaluate the beneficial impact of hospital chaplaincy volunteers trained in Acorn Listening in Clinical Environments (ALICE).

This has enabled Acorn to develop "Professional Volunteer Listener"  courses to train listeners to operate within Hospital Chaplaincies and Doctor's GP Surgeries and are in discussions with other medical professionals as to how this might be expanded.

This has provoked further interest within the medical community which we are pursuing.

If you are interested in this training for a GP surgery or Hospital Chaplaincy, please get in touch - info@acornchristian.org